Who would’ve thought that Pinterest could be a great resource for fitness buffs?

A few weeks back, I blogged about my discovery of Pinterest and ever since I’ve been spending more time here than any other social networks. My favorite boards? Why the recipes and workout ones of course! Even found this “Summer Butt Challenge” over at Skinny Ms. ( It’s a 7-day challenge “designed to tighten, tone, lift and reshape your butt”. Oh, it’s a challenge all right! But as the old cliché goes: no pain, no gain!

Another Pinterest find is this 15-minute Bootylicious Butt Workout ( The routine is less daunting and may be friendlier to the fitness novice. I like to use this when I’m out traveling and have little time for working out.

Do these actually work, you ask me? Why don’t you check out my #ThongThursday tweets by following me at @FemmeEden then tell me yourself 😉

How about you, what’s your fitness routine like? Wanna share?