Drink More Water!

I think the most understated health regimen is rehydration and by that I mean drinking lots of water. With the boom of rehydrating drinks and artificial juices, at the end of the day water is still the healthiest option, especially when our bodies are made up of more than 60% water.  But like everyone else, I’m guilty of indulging in what’s the next available drink with flavor rather than reaching out for the glass of water nearby.


So this year, one of my New Year goals is to drink more water and would like to share with you some tips and tricks on how to do this which I got from friends and good ol’ Google:

  1. Place a glass of water by your bedside and drink it first thing when you wake up. This way you’ve down your first glass and before you drink your daily dose of coffee or tea.
  2. Always have a mug or refillable container of water on your work desk and add an alarm to your phone or computer to remind you to sip amid your busy schedule.
  3. Drink 1 or 2 glasses before meals. This is also a great weight loss strategy with studies showing weight loss of as much as 5 pounds in a 12-week period.
  4. Add flavor to your water. Believe it or not my sister gags whenever she has to drink even a glass of water so my Mom would usually add a twist of lemon or a mint leaf to her glass, enabling her to gulp down water comfortably.
  5. Would you believe there’s an app that makes you track your water intake? Check out: Waterlogged at the iTunes app store.


Do you have other tips on how to drink more water? Share it here!


Femme Fetish: Voyeur, Anyone?

Are you the type of person who has a fetish for voyeuristic situations? The type where you are an onlooker, lusting from afar, and the object of your affection has no idea? I wonder what it would be like to be a neighbor of Femme’s. Have you ever thought about it? For the record, not in any kind of stalker way, but just in a way to stroke a fantasy.

Think about it. Femme works her butt off, and her job requires her to be either in lingerie, in costume, or in the buff. She dresses up in every theme she can think of and is always looking for new ways to entertain. You have to think about it when she takes her outdoor photos – can anybody see this? Do you ever wish you could?

Earlier this month, Femme posted a steamy photo set with her in checkered lingerie, much like what you would expect to see on a country girl. She’s sitting on a basic chain link fence, showing us her most private parts. She looks so adorably sexy. Did you see this set?

So, imagine she did this in her yard, and either you’re A) her neighbor, or B) just driving by and happen to catch the view. Would you be able to keep from getting aroused, having to get somewhere private so you can take care of yourself? We’re thinking, absolutely not. Have you seen this girl?!

Think about it, imagine the scenario while you click through that photo set again. We bet it steams things up for you. It pays to have an imagination.