Hands-free Orgasms

Wow, really?

Yeah, a banging car sound system and a mega bass cranked up could do that to a girl. This video was supposed to show the gravity-defying effect of dubstep and the lucky girl just got more than she bargained for: hands-free orgasm!

See for yourself:

Hmmm, this has definitely piqued my interest and that’s one experiment I’d like to try soon. Now, where can I find a cutie with a banging sound system (pun intended!)…


Battle of the Photo Sets!

Did you know that Femme is active in all areas of her website? That’s right, she is not only a beauty but also a brain. She plays a very important part when it comes to what kind of person she wants to portray. Basically, she keeps it real. Part of being real is being able to communicate with her biggest supporters. She is so grateful to all of her fans and is always trying to come up with new ways to keep you both happy and entertained.

A big part of what keeps her website amazing, aside from her amazing followers is her consistent flow of new content. She shows up on cam, holds amazing memberchats, shoots a lot of videos, and is constantly trying out new themes for photo sets.

Speaking of photo sets, she wants to know which kind you prefer. We don’t mean themes, we mean actual photo types.

Webcam Photos: Femme has been a webcam model for several years, and of course she has the best cam money can buy. Webcam photos are taken by Femme through her computer and are of HD quality. She has a limit range of movement but keeps her hands free and able to wander to other places. These are a cross between selfies and digital camera photos.

Digital Photos: The digital camera photos are obviously extremely high quality. They give her free range of movement as somebody else is in charge of the camera and the sky is the limit as for where she wants to shoot or what she wants to look like. These are very realistic photos and we love it.

Selfies/Candids: Last, we have the selfies. These are mostly shot with her cell phone which means she can take a candid whenever and wherever she feels like, but she has limited range of movement. Of course she gets creative and it shows a side of her that you don’t see in the other photos because it’s not just Femme being all dolled up or playing out a fantasy of yours, she is showing her true self.. Sometimes even her naked true self!

So let’s put it to a vote. It’s a battle of the photo sets, and we want to know which is your favorite. Place your vote NOW!


An Unlikely Love Story

This may be off from what I usually post here but as a cat lover, just had to share this cute love story.

This story is about a dog who would look out the window everyday to lovingly look at the neighbor’s cat who would usually be at the nearby windowsill. The dog would do this three times a day for the next six months until the cat’s owner decided to put some plants on the windowsill, blocking the view of the admiring dog.

Taking pity on his pet longing for the apple of his eye, this is what the dog’s owner did in support of true love:

j4n Xibg 1
screen capture open source

And this is what the cat’s owner did:
j4n Xibg 2
screen shot download

Awww… bet Shakespeare would be proud 