Femme’s Amazing New Videos

As promised, here are some recent videos that Femme has uploaded since we last gave you an update on them.

May 22nd, “Femme Bed Shower” is a 10 minute video that begins with Femme seductively stripping out of her sexy black outfit, showing off her long legs and plump, round behind. As she climbs into bed, she has lust in her eyes and uses her hands to explore her body. When she gets topless, you can’t help but stare .. she makes you want her. Soon, she is nude and all you can think is how much you want to be there with her. After showing you a good time, she continues the action in her shower.

May 29, “Femme Black Tank” is a webcam video, also 10 minutes in length, and it is worth watching .. more than once. In this particular installment, Femme teases, then pleases .. herself, and you. She is in bed, showing off her amazing features, showing you all kinds of views.

June 5, “Femme Photo Shoot” is a 12 minute video, doing just as it sounds .. having a photo shoot. Watch Femme flirt with the camera. It is here where you see all the behind the scene action, including the stripping and the fun posing. I bet you wish you were the one behind the camera, right?

June 12, “Femme Nude Bed” is also just how it sounds .. Femme, nude in bed. The first of it’s kind, Femme just gets right down and dirty. No clothes to remove, she is ready and waiting for you. In this slow-motion video that runs for two minutes, Femme lets you graciously explore her body. Every curve is shown, every feature explored .. just what the doctor ordered!

June 19, “Femme Nude Bed 2” takes off where part one ended .. but first by finding you an amazing song to listen to while she pleases you. This 6 minute video is too sexy to describe .. you are just going to have to watch for yourself.

June 26, “Femme Mirror” is just amazing. She starts out in an incredible outfit, and dances/touches her body in front of her mirror. This way, you get to see the front part of her .. and the back part of her .. at the same time. Good thinking, Femme. We think it is worth mentioning that she was feeling extra feisty today, and her good mood definitely shows. Oh yeah, she ends up baring all.

Enjoy your eye candy!


FemmeFetish Updates!

It has been a while since we have shared with you a general update of what can be found here at FemmeFetish. Let’s talk about this.

1. You already know that Femme will NOT be doing her next memberchat until Friday, July 5th due to being out of town and unable to cam. However, to make it up to you she will be on p-chats that Friday from 4pm to 7pm EST, and them at 7pm to 8pm EST she will hold her return memberchat. Don’t miss it, it’s going to be HOT!

2. It bears repeating that we are still accepting any and all questions you would like Femme to answer, which she will do in the form of a Vlog. If you share your username with her, as well, she will give you a shout out during the video. Simply reply to this comment or email us at kayleecwh@live.com with as many questions that you have (the more, the better!), and she will answer them!

3. Did you know that there are several ways to keep up to date with Femme? Femme has not only a blog through her website, but a tumblr, twitter and facebook. If you follow any of these, you would already know that videos on FemmeFetish are now downloadable! Get your download on!

As far as content updates go, we have several.

On May 24th, the photoset for Femme nude in the hotel, version 3, had been posted. Here you can see all kinds of sexy and sweet high definition photos you don’t want to miss out on. Several more of this series was posted at the end of May up until mid-June. As of now, you can see 6 different photosets, all equally sexy but still different from the other.

On May 26th, Femme posted a webcam set of her in some sexy coral fishnet. Does she stay in it? Of course not!

On June 21st, Femme strips near the stairs, and boy does she do it well! She starts out in some thigh high boots and a skimpy mini dress, and ends up in some black lingerie that will make you melt.

There is something sexy about a woman nude, wearing only sheer thigh highs and heels. Femme proves this easily in her June 23rd photoset. Want to get totally turned on? This is the set for you.

As for candids, there have been three different sets posted since we last updated you on them. Her candids include several different outfits and positions, all worth checking out. She updated on May 19th, June 2nd, and June 9th. Thank you, Femme!

Stay tuned, because in a few days we are going to tell you all about the video updates .. yum, right? Oh, but don’t forget to check out her memberchat archives!