Saw Cirque du Soleil!

Saw Cirque du Soleil tonight and believe I still have a massive hangover from it. This achingly beautiful show really transports their audience to a whole different world filled with vibrantly costumed, stunningly agile acrobats swooping across impressive backdrops. The kid in me was entranced by the performers navigating through cleverly designed sets emulating fire, water and air. The Mundos Imaginarios part of the show was particularly captivating where the acrobats soared high up from the stage, hanging from what seemed like flimsy hammocks. It literally takes your breath away when the performers twist and glide with the use of merely those fabrics!

But it was truly a delightful experience! The show has even piqued my interest in this new type of yoga called AntiGravity Aerial or Prati Gurutva yoga. Have you heard of it? Check it out here then let me know what you think.


An Interview with Femme and more!

1. What made you want to start Was there any inspiration behind the idea? If so, what/who was it?

After working on CamWithHer for a number of years many people would ask “When are you going solo” and after recovering from blushing and responding “I don’t know” eventually it started to sink it. The guys want to see me, and just me, on a solo site feature, you guessed it, me! I’m rather stubborn but after awhile I decided I’d heard it from enough people, and I was driven enough to pursue a solo venture.

2. What is your biggest hope for success when it comes to your website?

In truth, I have no lofty goals for my site. I enjoy the financial freedom it affords me, but I’m not looking to win any awards or honors… but I am looking to win fans. I enjoy providing scintillating content and hearing how much one person or another enjoyed something in particular. If members are having fun, then I’m having fun and I think it’s reciprocal. A big sexy feedback loop!

3. How long have you been a webcam model? You also seem to work with a great photographer(s), was modeling something you always wanted to do?

I’ve been a webcam model for some time now. Perhaps if you wanted to do some research and figure out exactly when I started, you can. But I’ll never tell! 😉 As far as photographers and modeling, it was something I’d wanted to do since I was a little girl. I can remember going to a model casting call in Florida when I was a young girl about 8 years old. I walked up to the long table of judges, handed them my application, they asked me to smile (which I did very uncomfortably) and I never heard from them again. To be fair, I was a skinny, awkward looking girl and from the looks of it, wouldn’t amount to much for catalogs or the like. Sometimes people bloom late. I started seriously pursuing modeling when I was in Dubai in 2008, and from there I built my portfolio bit by bit until I found myself working with published photographers of incredible talent. Needless to say, I’ve felt very honored as the years progress.

4. Throughout your modeling career, can you name the top 3 memorable moments you have?

A. Perhaps the most fun I’ve had on any shoot are the ones where I’ve been working with other camgirls. I’ve been on a handful of camgirl photo/video trips and they are always the most memorable. There’s a reason why people like to watch these girls on cam, and it’s because they are incredibly fun to hang out with. I’ve been to several cities and enjoyed every moment with these wonderful ladies. They are sweet, reckless, uninhibited, and damn sexy!
B. While I was living on the East Coast, I had the privilege of being taken on a private boat to a small island to shoot on the beach in skimpy lingerie. There was a team of men assisting the very talented photographer (holding reflectors, carrying equipment, measuring light). As I was rolling around in the sand and waves I’d never felt more like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Felt like I was “kind of a big deal” for a day. Hehe.
C. There once was a webmaster who I’d known for over 6 years, We’d never met face to face. I flew to Seattle to shoot content at a large mansion for a project with which we were involved. I arrived before she did and got straight to shooting. I was sitting on top of a bar table (flanked by two large roman columns) bare naked. Uncertain who was coming through the door I ducked behind a column. When she was just about to walk around the column (unaware I was there) I realized who it was, promptly lept off the table fully exposed and loudly pronounced “We finally meet!” Needless to say, she nearly needed a defibrillator.

5. We want to know more about the girl in front of the camera. In your opinion, what are your three best qualities? Please explain.

A. I have an insatiable lust for adventure and travel. You might have trouble keeping up with me.
B. I’m an amazing cook. Not just by following recipes, but I have a certain instinct about food and can throw together a fantastic meal from random refrigerator ingredients on the fly.
C. I’m a naturally inquisitive person which means I’m constantly on the prowl for knowledge and understanding. I read a lot about how to human digestive system works (I should have been a doctor) and the politics of food. So much so, that most of my friends come to me when they have a health issue. I may not be able to diagnose or treat, but can certainly give them some sound advice.

6. While you ooze success and sexiness, what do you consider your biggest flaws? Why?

My biggest flaw? Being TOO AWESOME. Hehe. In all seriousness, I can be a bit cranky. Over the years I’ve learned to tone it down and how to manage any moodiness that comes about, but we all have our moments. After all, what woman doesn’t? An important concept to grasp (for any woman) “this too shall pass”… because sometimes we forget our temporary hormonal state isn’t going to last forever. We are very dynamic creatures.

7. When you are not modeling, what can you usually be found doing? What are your hobbies?

I’m either reading or cooking. Both go hand in hand, really. I read about health and the gut. Then I cook based on the principles I’ve learned. My “bible” is In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. Gah, love that man. Also, The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I don’t have any consistent hobbies to speak of. I do a little bit here and there. I also travel a lot. Like I said, I’m an adventurer and I enjoy exploring whether it be near my home or thousands of miles away…

8. Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them.

Oh boy. Do I have pets? YES. If you’ve ever seen me in a cam show you are well aware. I adopted both of them in Dubai from shelter in 2008. Caesar is brown with some stripes/spots and way too much personality. He likes to get on cam and outshine me from time to time so I know who’s boss. He’s a whiny, sleepy, little tyrant who (in secret) is a mama’s boy. Nero is white with gray spots and a pink nose. He’s a mysterious little adventurer. Lays low (usually curled up in the bathroom sink) until he sees a red laser beam and then looses all composure. He’s an incredible acrobat who loves balancing on things (including the tops of doors).

9. How would you best describe your personality?

Sex-pot intellectual.

10. Has anybody ever told you that you look like somebody else? If so, who was it, and did you agree with them?

The person I get the most is Robin from How I Met Your Mother. I can see the resemblance, but let’s be honest… no one can compare. 😉

IMPORTANT NOTE: There you have it, the first of many questions we want to ask Femme! Speaking of asking questions, however, Femme wants to do a v-log. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a v-log is a video blog. She is dying to answer your questions, so please comment on this blog post or email your questions to Thank you so much! This is your chance to find out whatever your heart desires about our biggest fantasy, Femme!


Smoothies Obsessed

Currently hooked on green smoothies and being in Panama is the perfect place to feed my fix. Shopping at the local market, saw that all the fresh produce here is supersized. Bought celery stalks as long as the length of my body! It’s probably the rain forest soil but just giddy that one stalk could make a week’s supply of smoothies!


Anyway, just want to share one of the recipes I use which is one of Dr. Ehmet Oz’s detox cleanse concoctions:


½ cup Almond Milk

4 Celery Stalks

1 Cucumber

1 cup Kale

½ Green Apple

½ Squeezed Lime

1 T melted Coconut oil

1 cup Pineapple


You could check out this blog for the complete 3-day recipe. What sets this one apart is the regimen is really simple and doesn’t have many prerequisites like some other programs do.


Why go on a detox program? Well, here are just some of the great benefits:

  • Clear skin
  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Increased stamina/ energy


Why not try it for a week and see what happens? Who knows you might become a convert or even an addict just like moi 😀