The Fetish Question

No, not that question. This question. The question I’m asked almost everyday: “ So, you a dom or a sub or what? What kind of fetish do you do?”

Answer: does not refer to me specifically being a fetish model. It refers to someone such as yourself having a fetish for me, Femme. Having a fetish for Femme. While I do get naughty from time to time and indulge in fetishes, this is not what I’m all about. I’m not limited to the utterly deviant. I exist in more of a spectrum of sensualities. So, if you heard the domain name and thought that I’ve gone hardcore, this is false. But… if there is some kind of kink you have in mind, it doesn’t hurt to tap on my shoulder. I’ll give you an ear, and maybe a little more.


Good things come those who wait.

 First of all, I want to apologize for the delay’s incurred while trying to launch my site. I’m sure it was frustrating for some, but none was more frustrated than me. So, for any trouble caused, please forgive. There are many aspects in creating a site and many people involved and sometimes things get hung up on silly things.
February 2011. That’s what I first started sketching out the homepage. Yes… it really has taken that long. It could possibly be the longest it’s ever taken to build any site in the history of the universe. Or perhaps I’m exaggerating. Hehe. Either way it was a process that involved changing webmasters (a story for another time perhaps) and many other bumps in the road.
Alright, enough with the doom and gloom, I’m excited, damnit! I’ve been gathering content for the site for some time now including professional photos taken with some very talented photographers, handheld “selfies” not merely limited to obligatory mirror shots, videos taken with equipment more expensive than one of my kidneys, homemade webcam videos, and other little goodies like candids and wallpapers. Apart from posting content updates three times per week for your consumption, I’ll also be chatting live every Monday evening from in itsy bitsy pieces of fabric barely covering my nether regions, getting naked, possibly getting wet and oiled… A plethora of pleasure, just for you. Hehe.
I look forward to interacting with fans and admirers. I’ll always have an open ear for suggestions and ideas to improve what I have on offer. Please don’t hesitate. 🙂
Without further ado, I bring you

Wishful Thinking

Over the years I’ve received some wonderful gifts from fans and friends. Ranging from an iPod, iPhone, and flash for my Canon (I’m a bit of a tech geek as you might guess), as well as numerous lingerie (which I love getting). Now that I’m overseas I feel a bit bare with no more wishlist! There are certain ways to get items to ship overseas from Amazon, however, I don’t trust the Panamanian post system (they can a barely label the streets) and Amazon’s international items are slim pickings.

I’ve updated my current list with Amazon gift cards, but otherwise while I’m overseas you can simply shower me with your attention. Hehe.

But, for the love of jebus, can someone please send me some foam weather strip tape so I can seal off my front door. There’s a draft coming under the door roughly equivalent to a hurricane that blows hot air into my apartment from the outside. Why is this so hard to find? It’s hot here. You’d think people would have this problem often.

Time to start finding alternate solutions, me thinks.