Tasty Delights… or lack there of. (blog)

A few nights ago I wandered into a local grocery store at 2am with a female friend. We were searching for tasty delights. Our mouths and stomachs had an unusual craving for something salty, sweet, fatty… didn’t really matter. These cravings, sometimes referred to as munchies, can make journey’s such as this challenging.

After wandering the aisles in search for the perfect item for satiety a lightbulb appeared over head and read “Pirate Booty.” Delicious, crunchy, corny, salty, healthy goodness. With that, we went in search of the snack aisle.

When we arrived at said aisle both sides had been strung with yellow caution taped and a woman was diligently mopping. She was unamused by our apparent disbelief that we were not allowed into the snack aisle. Under normal states of mind I would have kindly asked the woman if she could fetch a bag of Pirate Booty but with a mind swimming in herbal remedies, I was perplexed.

These were the facts: I was hungry. There was Pirate Booty in the store. There was caution tape blocking access. I was on the other side.

I could not properly formulate a plan to solve this problem. It seemed unsurmountable. So, female friend and I walked toward the bakery. It was here we had our summit, attempting to solve this pressing issue. And it was here we found a very large container of cookie samples. As we stood there devising a plan we unknowingly consumed the container of samples. When this realization of satiety was reached, we left hastily with many giggles. Never to return again. I’ll never know if that woman is still there swinging her mop from side to side, keeping the delinquents from their tasty delights.



Bucket List (blog)

After living overseas for a couple years it changed my perspective on many aspects of life, including it’s brevity and variation. So, after I came along this woman’s blog post on bucket lists (http://personalexcellence.co/) I created my own. After trying to cross off at least a couple of items a year, somehow the list keeps growing! This is a good thing. I don’t ever want the list to be completed… there is ALWAYS something new to experience. So far, the items I’ve been able to cross off are the smaller ticket items.

Last year:
I spent a day rollerblading down the California coast (highly recommended).
I was an extra in a movie (specifically had a cameo with a backstory).
I was a vegetarian for at least 30 days (Super easy).
Learned how to play poker (Super fun).

Still to come this year:
Traveling to Swiss Alps at the end of Summer.
A picnic in Central Park, New York City.
Scuba Diving on a major reef.
Take Latin dance classes.

If not now, then when?


Ladies… this one is for you. How to have better orgasms. (blog)

So, I read a lot. And in my recent textual adventures I came across what are called “PC Exercises.” I’ve only been doing them for a few weeks, but I can definitely tellt he difference when the big “O” happens. Try these out for awhile… but be diligent abotu sticking to a schedule. Otherwise, you might not get worthwhile results. (If you need help identifying your PC muscle read here… http://www.livestrong.com/article/176928-how-to-find-the-pc-muscle/)


<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> Exercise Type: PC Flex

Squeeze and release your PC muscle at the rate of your heartbeat, which means hold it each time for about a second. Start with 20 contractions twice a day, and build up to at least 75 per set. When you can easily do 75 contractions twice a day, add the PC Clench.



Exercise Type: PC Clench

Practice clenching your PC while inhaling. By clenches, we mean holding the squeeze for a longer period of time. Some experts say 3 seconds, some say 6, some say 15. Maybe they’re all correct, so we suggest you start with 3 and work up to 15 seconds per clench.

To do clenches, inhale and clench you PC, holding it tightly. Then push out and relax for the same amount of time before your next clench. Repeat this cycle 20 times twice a day at first. As with flexes, build up reps to 75 reps twice a day.

For women, it’s very important to spend time on the push-out. Use the instructions above, and inhale, push out, hold for 3-6 seconds. Do the push-out variation of the clench as many times as the pulling-in.


Exercise Type: PC Flutters

This practice is basically the same as the first one (PC Flexes), except it’s faster. To do flutters, you contract and relax your PC as fast as you can. At first, you may not be able to go much faster than your heartbeat, but with practice, you can speed up the squeeze and release. We suggest you don’t count these but just work up to fluttering for several normal breaths before relaxing totally. Doing 20 sets of these twice a day should be great. When you can flutter like a bird, add PC Clamps.


Exercise Type: PC Clamps

PC Clamps are simply long clenches. Work up to holding your clench for two minutes, 20 times each set. Remember to relax completely at length between these long clamps, and stop for a few minutes if you start to hurt or get sore.

Add pelvic weights after this.


Ra-tat-tat! (blog and photos)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visit Las Vegas. I wrote a quick blog about it, but failed to mention one of the coolest things that happened. Little ‘ol me shot a gun for the first time. In fact, had the pleasure of stroking 4 separate guns. I can’t recall what the names were but could tell you how big or small and how shiny or dull each one was.

It’s hard to forget the shock of feeling the power of a gun for the first time. The first photo attached below shows my first attempt with a hand gun. After the first bullet left the gun I laughed in shock, turned to the assistant to my right, and said “Oh my goodness!” I’m a feminine cliche. 🙂

I proceeded to shoot off another handgun and a couple larger guns, but preferred the last gun most of all… the sniper (picture below). The hand guns were jarring and harder to control, sort of like sandpaper. The sniper rifle was like silk. Smooth, calm, sexy, and easy. Managed to hit quite a few bulls eyes with that one.

And of course, I wore pearls. Hehe.


Kissing facts (blog)

Currently, I’m reading a book called “The Science of Kissing” by Sheril Kirshenbaum. While there are some bits of information in there that makes the idea of kissing a lithe unnerving, there are some super fun facts about what happens during an exhange of kisses.

Our blood vessels dilate and we receive more oxygen to the brain than normal.

Five of our twelve cranial nerves switch into high gear.

Neural impulses stimulate our bodies  to produce dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and adrenaline.

Our brains subconscious pick up on fertility cues found in scent and sound.

Men’s saliva transfer small amounts of testosterone, a natural sex stimulant, which builds up in a woman’s body cumulatively causing her to become more interested in sex.

Men and women release oxytocin, which in women is the substance responsible for the pleasurable “jolts” felt during orgasm.

The stress hormone cortisol decreases, presumably helping each person involved feel more relaxed and willing to “taking it to the next level.”


The urge to purge (blog)

To keep or not to keep? That is the question.

Since deciding to move overseas I’ve been rummaging through my belongings trying to decipher, to the best of my ability, what is necessary and what is not. Turns out, this is much harder than it sounds. There’s a very strong urge within me to purge. To get rid of 80% of my belongings. But the desire to hold onto things is stronger than I thought! Must find the willpower to give things away!

I’ve managed to fill the back of my car twice with bags full of stuff to give to Goodwill, but I feel like it’s not enough. My belongings feel like such a hinderance. They make me feel heavy and weighed down. I don’t want that! I want to be nimble and light. I find I get better at this in stages. I’ll comb through my things labeling the “necessities.” Then, will revisit those necessities and prune those further. But I still feel like I’m not getting rid of enough stuff. Have you ever had the urge to walk away from all your belongings apart from your favorite shirt and jeans?

I’m mostly writing this to urge myself onward… to dig deeper in those closets and chuck things like there’s no tomorrow. That’s it. I’m doing it… right now. Here I come closets!