Boobs and Latex. (blog and pics)

Last week, one very rainy day, I took photos in latex. Not just any latex… hot red, black striped, hip hugging latex. The way it feels on my skin is divine. The rain only added to the effect. Granted… I had to put the latex on in a car (one of the harder things I’ve had to do as a model) but the photos came out quite nice, despite my struggles. In fact, one of the latex dresses split at the seam as I was wiggling around in the front seat, trying to be ever so careful. I was shooting in the stairwell of a parking garage that belonged to a university. People were walking up and down the stairs, and entering and exiting the elevator. This really put a damper on things as it was quite difficult shooting nudity with the constant threat of getting caught loomed overhead. I can only imagine what they were thinking as they saw me standing there in my skyscraper heels and shiny outfit with my breasts practically hanging out of my top. I can be a very naughty girl sometimes. 😛


I hope to get the chance to take more photos in latex, and under the right circumstances. But… I was brave and pulled through it. See some photos from the shoot at my blog,



Autumnal (blog and pics)

Just a few days ago I traveled a few hours away to visit a mountain, in hopes that I would experience my first New England Autumn. I was greatly disappointed to find out the fall colors had peaked the previous week. By the time I arrived the leaves were a dingy shade of brown, and all but naked. Couldn’t help but feel like I had failed. Autumn is the start of my favorite season… winter! So, not the best start to the cold weather, but none-the-less there was some beautiful scenery I managed to get a few last peeks of. I did happen to find one beautiful tree, who seemed to be waiting for me… holding onto it’s most beautiful colors just because it knew I was coming and didn’t want to let me down. You can see the picture of said tree below. Also, took off my shirt on the car ride home… the girls wanted to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Hehe.



Let the commencing of winter… commence! 🙂