The Search for a New Apartment (blog)

I’m SO not a beach person. How I ended up living in a sleepy beach town is beyond me. I guess it was the lure of a great apartment. The novelty has worn off. I need a city! I need nightlife, buildings, and 24 hour restaurants.

The town I live in currently is pretty bland. Luckily there is a mall as well as a nice movie theater for some entertainment. Otherwise, I’m not really into trying to bare the freezing coastal water here. The apartment is huge for what I need, but apart from that the wall a/c unit sucks, the complex is full of screaming babies and children, and the building is from the 80’s… and not in a good way.

It is time to move on, I declare! Last week, I drove to a city close by that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I walked the streets in the middle of downtown, had a smoothie, found a great Bistro, and found even better apartments. I’m very excited to live in a metro center again. I thought I was over the whole ambulance-siren-screaming-hobo-traffic-smelly thing… but the truth is I really don’t mind those things about a city. I prefer those bothers than screaming hillbilly children, sweaty apartment, and old carpet.

I found a great building right in the center of everything. They have beautiful apartments (one with a private deck on the 8th floor that is about 900 sq ft) and I can afford it! Can you say photo shoots?! Snow, rain, shower, storms, kiddie pool… I’m all about shooting outdoors, especially when it’s right off my living room. 😀

Oh the possibilities! Here is a picture of the livingroom/deck…



PhonE! EXciTeMent! (Blog)

Today marks a significant day in my life. It is the day I will acquire an Android phone. I’ve been somewhat behind in the world of phone technology. Let’s look at a brief history of my less than impressive cell phone decisions.

I got my first phone in my Senior year of High School. My boyfriend at the time drove me to the local mall, where we purchased matching Nokia cellphones from TMobile. It was grey, the screen had no color, could only show numbers, and had that green glow. Absolutely terrifying. I had that phone for a good 2 years before I bought another! At that point I went to Tmobile for a free upgrade (broke college student) and got something resembled the “Pebble” phones today. Although, the hardware of this phone had, in no way, anything in common with current “Pebbles.” The screen was about 1.5in x 1.5in and could barely handle solid shapes. I had this phone for a year before I accidentally flushed it down the toilet (long story).

It is at this point I made the biggest leap and splurged for a Motorola Razr. It was magenta, and so beautiful. I LOVED this phone at first, and played with it endlessly (even if all I could do was talk, text, and play a measly 3 games). Soon enough (after 5 years!) the novelty wore off. Last spring, I bought a Blackberry Curve 8530 from Virgin Mobile. Have you seen their monthly prices, including web?! I finally stepped into the world of smart phone, and could search the web, access my email, and do all sorts of things. This literally changed my world. But alas, I grow restless with such a phone and I crave more! Plus, the damn thing is all buggy and slow. Pffft, just my luck.

I’m anticipating the receipt of this Android phone (Motorola Triumph) will once again revolutionize my world and open up new possibilities. It’s like a brain extension upgrade. 🙂

Patiently waiting for Fed Ex man… should be here any moment. And when I get the phone, you can be sure there will be an onslaught of photos, videos, and text coming at my twitter page ( and my facebook page ( So come join in on my revolution. 😉

EDIT: It’s arrived. Yayyyy! Now to wait 4 hours for charge. 😛