Birthday Suit (Blog)

My birthday is coming up oh so soon. Did you know?! July 8th. Get with it and make me feel loved. My amazon wishlist:

I’m doing a photoshoot this week on a waterfall. Oh yes… I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all excited! I’m hoping the weather turns out, but not a big deal if it rains because I’ll already be drenched! I have to drive about 4 hours to get to the falls, stay in a seedy hotel, and deal with bad food and even worse bugs… but it’s so worth it. Of course, the photos will be on my site at (still in construction, but will be up soon so bookmark!). Until then you’ll have to keep an eye out here for a sneak peek. You’ll come to find, I’m a very generous girl. 😉


Fetish Delight (Blog)

Pantyhose, feet, spines… I find these fetish’s all very interesting. And have been known from time to time to indulge in them. I’ve actually looked around for a good book to read on the inner workings of these anomalies, but have not found anything suitable. Have akways been interested in all things psychology, and all things sex, so this definitely combines the two areas and peaks my interest. Does anyone know of any good books on the subject, or is anyone perhaps well versed enough to give me some knowledge about their own experiences?

Would love to hear!

Ciao for now. <3


Bugs vs. Lotion (Blog)

Note to self: Never wear flower scented lotion when doing an outdoor shoot in summer… the bugs think you are food!

I did a photoshoot yesterday on a playground swing set, and I have about 7 welts on my ass and legs (they go for the good stuff). Mind you, these are not your everyday welts. One of them looks like I’ve got a golf ball on the side of my thigh. It actually hurts to sit down. What kind of demon bugs do this?! They must have munched on me with absolute vigor because I’m pretty sure they injected every single drop of venom they had into me. Next time… coating skin in DET.